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Girls Sarong
Size S x 1

Girls Long Shorts
Size 10

Girls Long Shorts
Size 2,6,10
Snug Bug 85201BA

Girls Pyjamas
Size 8,12
Playtex 4747BA

Sizes 16B-22C
Rebelle 4210BA

Cotton Crop Top
Sizes 8 & 10
Playtex 3562WBA

Sizes 18F-20F
Playtex P4823BA

Seamless & Contoured Bra
Sizes 16DD x 1
Rebelle 4265BA

Cotton Boy Leg
Sizes 4-6 WHITE
Playtex 3562BLBA

Sizes 16C-20F
Playtex 3562NBA

Sizes 16D-22F
Sockit-Tumi 523BA

Unisex Sports Socks
Pack of 3
Gala GB294BA

Tricot & Embroidered Bra
Size 10A
Sockit-Tumi 515BA

Unisex School Socks
Pack of 3
Global KSBA

Unisex School Socks
3 Pack
Sizes 9-12
Triumph 87404BA

Gorgeous T-Shirt Bra
Sizes 10D-16E
Global KKSBA

Unisex Knee High
School Socks
Triumph 80343BA

Embroidered Minimizer Pastel
Sizes 12D-16E
Caprice 75128BA

Sizes 14C & 12E
Dents GK6324BA

Girls Multi Striped Gloves
Dents GLV2BA

One Size
Intimates JW244BA

Underwired Bra
Sizes 10A
Intimates EJ316BA

Lory Bra
Sizes 16B-14D
Caprice 74410BA

Size 12B
Intimates JW208BA

Strapless Bra
Size 14A
Lovable ST219BA

Strapless Bra
Sizes 16B x 1
Clearback StraplessBA

Clearback Front Opening Bra
Sizes 12C,12D,14D,16D
Sienna EPB57BA

Seamless Plunge Bra
Size 14C